Bread of Life Week One: Scarcity vs Abundance

Esperanza begins a five-week sermon series this Sunday examining the Bread of Life story, told in the gospel of John.
The question to chew on this week:
Many of the messages we hear in this world are about scarcity. Where do I find abundance? (John 6:5-6)
Lord, encourage us to look beyond the messages of this world. Help us to see the abundance that you already had in mind. As you feed all people–the rich, the poor, the strong and the weak–feed us. Amen
Here are the scriptures featured in the series:
July 25                John 6:1-21
August 1             John 6:24-35
August 8             John 6:35, 41-51
August 15           John 6:51-58
August 22           John 6:56-69
God’s peace and grace to you this day.
Deacon Connie Rose-Kamprath