Congregational Council

Logo, company nameThe Congregational Council is elected by the church membership and meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month to provide general oversight of the ministry of Esperanza.

2023/2024 Council Officers (elected 05/21/23): 

President – Jim Gisselquist

Vice President – Craig Peck

Treasurer – Michael Paradise

Secretary – Chris Armfield

2023/2024 Council Members: 

  • Pastor Chris Heller (Starting Feb 28th, 2024)
  • Chris Armfield
  • Susan Brown
  • Jim Gisselquist
  • Beth Leaf
  • Michael Paradise
  • Craig Peck
  • Paige Somero
  • Julie Valenzuela
  • Chuck Yount

Standing Committees:

  • Executive Council – Pastor Chris Heller, Jim Gisselquist, Craig Peck, Chris Armfield, Michael Paradise
  • Nominating for 2024/2025 – Michelle Ageno, Dan Beeks, Michael Paradise (retiring council member), Craig Peck (retiring council member), Michelle Tinsley, Susan Vega
  • Audit

Existing Teams:

  • Worship & Music – Pastor Sarah Stadler, Paige Somero, Brad Somero, Josie Nelson, Jim Nelson, Lai Gates, & Kazin Cole
  • Community Outreach – Pastor Chris Heller, Linda Dickson, Larry Hanson, Judi Wold, Peggy Shepherd, & Chris Armfield
  • Stewardship – Pastor Chris Heller, Chuck Yount, & Linda Dickson
  • Finance – Mark Entsminger, Michael Paradise, Jane Gisselquist, Tina Knoell, Ray Purdy, Joni Thorpe & Pastor Chris Heller
  • Education – Pastor Chris Heller, Beth Leaf, Paige Somero, & Madison Somero
  • Fellowship – Peggy Wagner & Julie Valenzuela
  • Communications – Pastor Chris Heller & Michael Paradise
  • Welcoming – Susan Brown, Tom Vega, Susan Vega, Julie Valenzuela, & Beth Leaf
  • Personnel – Pastor Christopher Heller, Jim Gisselquist, Craig Peck, Chris Armfield, & Michael Paradise
  • Property – Denzil Klein, Randy Wright, Michael Paradise, Craig Peck
  • Historian & Archivist – Tom Vega
  • Transition (for current Pastor Call) – Liz Farquhar, Michele Tinsley, Paul Wagner, & Paul Beeks
  • 35th Anniversary Celebration Team (Event: Sunday, February 23, 2025) – Tom Vega, Liz Farquhar, Lynn Hockenberger, Chris Armfield, Peggy Wagner, Joni Thorpe, Larry Hanson, Michael Paradise

To Access a Copy of the Esperanza Constitution Last Updated, May 21, 2023 Click Here

For contact information of the council members please email [email protected].