Habitat for Humanity

October Commencement – 26th House

Our starting date for work on our 26th house (2022-2023) for Habitat for Humanity is October 29, 2022. This year’s house will be a two-story and is located at 3610 S. Roosevelt Street, Tempe AZ 85282. Our family is a single mom, Angela Pelosi, with three children. Please begin thinking about how you can help with the build, with lunches for the volunteers, and with a financial donation.  Remember, with your donation to Habitat for Humanity, you can claim a tax credit on your Arizona State Tax return. Additional information will be provided as we receive it from Habitat. Contact John Fisher, Jim Gisselquist or John Gemma if you have any questions. Thank you to all who have made our past builds a success.

2021/2022 Habitat House

Last year (2021-20220), the Southeast Valley Lutheran Coalition of Habitat for Humanity built a home for the Jama family. The site, at 667 W. 19th St., Tempe, was the 25th home that the Southeast Valley Lutheran Coalition has built.

Visit our Hope News Network video on the Jama Family home Fall 2021

How to volunteer and support Habitat for Humanity:

  • Advance registration is mandatory. Register here
  • Building Schedule Coming Soon
  • Volunteer Packet Coming Soon
  • Make a cash donation: see the volunteer packet for instructions.
  • Donate to the Southeast Valley Coalition. Information below.
  • What to Bring: Drinking water. sunscreen, snacks and lunch, tools (Habitat provides power and hand tools, however volunteers may bring favorite hand tools or tool belts)
  • Rain Hotline: 602-262-8679

Donate to Habitat for Humanity

Use Your  Arizona Tax Credit
The primary way that the Southeast Valley Lutheran Coalition raises money is donations from individual supporters through the Arizona tax credit program.  You may donate up to $800 for a joint return and $400 for a single return and receive a dollar for dollar tax credit. Itemizing on your state tax return is not required to claim the credit. The deadline for contributions is April 15, 2021. Contributors will receive a formal thank you letter from Habitat for Humanity, which serves as a donation receipt for tax purposes. The tax credit program works just like the school donation programs and you can do both.
 Other Ways to Donate

Donations can be made online at http://habitatcaz.org/donate. Be sure to note that your donation is for the Southeast Valley Lutheran Coalition — Esperanza Lutheran Church.  If you wish to donate by check, make it payable to Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona, not Esperanza. Please remember to include in the memo line on your check “SEVLC Esperanza Lutheran Church” so that our church gets credit for the donation. Please do not drop your checks off at the church as we will not be able to hand deliver them to Habitat due to COVID -19 concerns.

Mail your check directly to Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona at:
2830 W. Glendale Ave, Phoenix Az 85051
P.O. Box 39730 Phoenix, AZ 85069