Habitat for Humanity 2019-20

Construction has begun on our latest Habitat for Humanity home. If you would like to volunteer please read the volunteer packet, linked below, and be at the site at 7:30. The single story house is located at 1421 S 13th Avenue – only about five minutes from last year’s site. Contact John Gemma at jgemma@cox.net with your questions. 

Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age, 17 to use power tools or work on the roof. No experience is necessary as Habitat leaders will train volunteers for the day’s task. Bring a water bottle and dress for safety. Download the SE Valley Lutherans 19-20 Volunteer Packet Update 10-13-2019 for details.

The Hissuand Ibrahim Family

Abdulquadir and Qamariya moved from Ethiopia to the United States 30 years ago. While they have fond memories of their childhood in Africa, they struggled and wanted a better life for their children. 

The couple’s oldest children have graduated from college and have moved out on their own. Of the children still living at home, Laliftuu is the oldest, a daughter who is studying to become a nurse. The other three include Muraad, Milkii and Naziifaa. Muraad and Milkii attend elementary school, Naziifaa attends preschool. Muraad enjoys reading and wants to be an FBI agent when he gets older. Milkii loves math and wants to be a fire fighter. Their youngest, Nafiissa, is at home with Qamariya when she is not at preschool. 

Abdulquadir and Qamariya are teaching their children that with hard work and dedication anything is possible. 

The family is thankful to be able to rent their house, however, the space is small and their landlord is unresponsive to maintenance problems. Abdulquadir and Qamariya want to provide their family with a stable home and talked about their desires with friends who have previously partnered with Habitat. After hearing about the program, the family decided to apply. 

They are excited that they will soon have a home to call their own and look forward to planting trees and growing a garden. Building their own home is incredibly meaningful to Abdulquadir and Qamariya, and they are looking forward to working with Habitat and the volunteers on the construction of their home.

For more information about Habitat for Humanity visit www.habitatcaz.org.