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        • The General Operating Fund
        • Property Renovation Fund (previously know as “Build Me Up”)
        • The Evangelism & Outreach Fund
        • Children of Hope Preschool (donations not tuition)

Esperanza Lutheran Church uses the Vanco platform for electronic giving.  If you are already part of our e-giving program by Vanco but don’t have an online account please contact our Financial Secretary, Jane Gisselquist, at [email protected] before setting up your online account.

If you are not presently e-giving you can set up an account below using a bank account or credit/debit card.  Using a bank account will eliminate bank fees.  Credit card fees can be paid by the giver or by the church.  

Thank you for your continued support of Time, Talent and Treasure.  

Esperanza’s Intent Sunday is November 12, 2023.  You can make your intentions using the 2 forms below. 

To Indicate Your 2024 Financial Giving Intention Visit:

To Indicate Your 2024 Time & Talent Intention Visit:

* Esperanza accepts bank account and credit/debit card transactions.

If an Esperanza visiting group (ie. Toastmasters, Scouts, Mens/Womens groups) is making a donation via the Vanco platform below, kindly email Jane Gisselquist when doing so at [email protected] and let her know the date, amount and intention of the gift.  Thank you. 

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Supporting the Church Through e-giving

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