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The Case for Giving

Dear Esperanza friends,

This pandemic crisis is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced!

It’s a global disaster, but it’s personal, too. I miss singing in the choir, sharing the peace during worship, standing around the altar with hands cupped for communion, and after, chatting with friends over coffee and snacks. Gadzooks this is just not much fun! And we are enduring all this without a permanent pastor.

On the other hand, I’m seeing faith at work every day among members of our congregation.  I’m seeing outreach to food banks by our gardeners. I’m seeing members making masks and preparing lunches for our healthcare workers. I’m seeing food and love shared with friends on the Navajo Nation who are being crushed by this virus. I’m seeing people reaching out to each other by making friendly phone calls and delivering food or other necessities. I’m seeing members working their buts off in the heat cleaning up the church grounds. I’m seeing Hope, Faith, and Love.

When I look at the world through this Esperanza lens, I see that this crisis is an opportunity to show our love, share our abundance and give of our time. We have the chance to commit to something bigger than ourselves, knowing our contributions are needed. This can be a time to grow in faith, serving with our hands, and showing others what it means to live in Christ. Our people show me that instead of fear, we can rely on faith. Instead of hate, we can love. Instead of blaming, we can offer solutions. I’m uplifted just being around them.

What a great time to jump in and be a part of Esperanza! I invite you to recommit to our church. Let’s declare that we believe in what Esperanza is doing and that we’re all in: heart, hands, feet, mind and wallet.

Join us on Zoom and YouTube. Work on one of our service projects. Call someone you haven’t seen since the shutdown.

And please, give what you can to keep our church afloat financially. If you are behind on your pledge, please catch up. Send in a check or sign up for one of our new electronic giving options. If you are able, give something extra.

Esperanza means hope. Together we can embody hope in our stressed and anxious community.


Craig Peck, Member, Esperanza Council and Stewardship Team

July 15, 2020

members of our congregation leading up to Esperanza’s Intent Sunday – Sunday, November 15, 2020.

A Case for Electronic Giving

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