Supporting the Church Financially through E-giving

A letter from the Stewardship Team:

To the Esperanza Community;

We hope you are keeping yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy during this public health emergency. We understand and we share the challenges you face.

COVID-19 has altered the way we live our lives as families and as God’s community. Until the threat of contagion abates, we must substitute virtual worship for in-person services. But when we are not physically together in worship it is easy to lose track of the pledges we made to support our church financially. As a result, Esperanza is experiencing a decline in giving at the very moment when giving dips due to the summer season. Still, we must continue to maintain our property and pay our bills.

One way to contribute is electronic giving (e-giving). Twenty members of the Esperanza community are already giving through our electronic processing platform. This electronic platform enables you to give on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Other options include a smartphone or web app for recurring e-giving donations or “anytime” giving.  The Stewardship Team is encouraging you to consider using one of the options available on this platform. Michael Paradise from our Stewardship Team can advise any interested member on how to set up these various e-giving options.

Here are some of the advantages of e-giving:

E-giving enables givers to fulfill annual pledges easily, providing the church with a consistent source of income to fund church operations and services. Reliable income allows our leaders to better manage the budget and deliver services.

E-giving makes it easy to contribute to anytime to the general fund, special projects, missions and events. Simply tap your smartphone app or log into your web-based account and give anytime.

During the year you may adjust your giving by contacting Joni in the church office or by making the change on your smartphone app or web-based account.

E-giving donations are highly efficient for our administrative staff since they are deposited automatically and do not require manual processing.

E-giving also makes reporting for tax purposes efficient.

Whether you give electronically (now or in the past), give cash or by check, or have not given before, the newly available smartphone and web apps can increase your ease and frequency in giving through “anytime giving”. Contact Esperanza Treasurer Michael Paradise with your questions and he will walk you through the process. Reach him by email at [email protected] or by calling or texting him at 703-595-8885.

The past months have been difficult, disruptive and painful, but we are bound together by God’s love through worship, prayer, service and friendship. We thank you for all of the ways you have been part of that strong bond through your generosity.   Donate Now!

In Christ,

Michael Paradise, Team Lead

Mark Entsminger

Craig Peck

Michelle Tinsley