Supporting the Church Financially through E-giving

A letter from the Stewardship Team:

Hello, People of Hope!

Whether you are a member of Esperanza Lutheran Church, or a person who joins us on occasion for worship or other fun events, or a friend of this community, you are a Person of Hope when you financially support the work of Esperanza.

Why? Because Esperanza brings Hope through our life together in worship, fun, and faith and the many ways we serve the needs of our wider community. And when you support Esperanza, your dollars help bring that Hope to others.

When you make a financial gift, you respond to God’s invitation to be part of this Hope and experience the joy of generously supporting and extending its mission.

Why electronic giving (E-giving)? Because when we are physically away from worship—for travel or worshiping from home or other reasons—we know how easy it is to lose track of our pledges or financial support. We know it’s all-too easy to fall into a habit of giving only when we’re in the church building. We understand. But a lively, vibrant congregation like Esperanza is active in ministry every day, year round! The need for ministry continues during summer months when many of us are away—in fact some needs, like our contributions to the Heat Respite Program, grow even more urgent.

When you sign-up for E-giving, you ensure we remain strong every day, year round, no matter what, for any need that comes our way.

This electronic platform enables you to give on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Other options include a smartphone or web app for recurring e-giving donations or “anytime” giving.

We encourage you to consider using one of the options available on this platform.

Here are some of the advantages of e-giving:

E-giving enables givers to fulfill annual pledges easily, providing the church with a consistent source of income.  Reliable income allows us to plan faithfully and be good stewards of our resources.

E-giving makes it easy to contribute to anytime to the general fund, special projects, missions and events. Simply tap your smartphone app or log into your web-based account and give anytime.

During the year you may adjust your giving by contacting Joni in the church office or by making the change on your smartphone app or web-based account.

E-giving donations are highly efficient for our administrative staff since they are deposited automatically and do not require manual processing.

E-giving also makes reporting for tax purposes efficient.

Whether you give electronically (now or in the past), give cash or by check, or have not given before, the newly available smartphone and web apps can increase your ease and frequency in giving through “anytime giving”.

Contact Jane Gisselquist, our Financial Secretary, at [email protected] with your questions.  You can also reach Michael Paradise, Treasurer, at [email protected].

We are bound together in Hope by God’s love through worship, prayer, service and friendship. We thank you for all of the ways you are part of that strong bond through your generosity.

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In Christ,

Your Stewardship Team