Help Provide a Thanksgiving Feast

This year we have a special opportunity to make Thanksgiving dinner truly a feast for 10 needy Kyrene School District families. Peggy and Larry Hanson will be coordinating donations to fill baskets with traditional Thanksgiving foods. In addition, they will be collecting gift cards that families may use to purchase other feast fixings. If you would like to help, contact Larry at [email protected]

The Hansons will donate the baskets. Each basket will contain the ingredients for a traditional Thanksgiving meal for a family of five:

  • Two boxes of dressing
  • Three cans of vegetables
  • Two boxes of potatoes or canned sweet potatoes
  • One $25 Fry’s (or similar) gift card purchase a turkey and pie.

“If an Esperanza family would like to donate a complete basket, please let us know,” Larry said. “For those who would like to donate some of the components, that would work also. For families that would like to donate a gift card or cash, these should be placed in an envelope, labeled, and left in the office. Our family will be responsible for assembling components into baskets.”

The baskets and/or components must be delivered to the Kitchen area by November 15. They will be delivered to the Kyrene Family Resource Center on November 16.

Watch for news about a gift card collection to help these families buy toys for Christmas!

Photo by Claudio Schwartz on Upsplash