Supporting the Navajo Nation: Joy Amidst Sorrow

Jayne and Todd Peterson lead another successful trip the Navajo Nation on June 28 to deliver supplies and visit with a patient.

Supplies went to the Tuba City Medical Center Community Outreach program, which is under the direction of Dollie Smallcanyon, R.N. The group then visited a patient who was treated at Banner University Medical Center Phoenix. “She was fine one day, suddenly dizzy, then intubated on a ventilator for over 20 days,” Jayne said. “She is so thankful for the care she received from the ICU team and is happy to be back home and able to weave her wedding baskets again.”

“Thank you to Esperanza Lutheran Church for all of their donations,” Jayne added. “Dollie is also so thankful for those special masks to give to her community workers.” Doctors Kelvin Dan, Meena Sridhar, Naomi Newman and her friend Dustin helped to make this trip happen.

“What a joy amidst this sorrow!”