A dog sitting on the floor

Have a heart for animals? Church has a new ministry!

Above: His new shawl is becoming a favorite spot for Teddy.  


“You blessed us with all living creatures.”

Introducing a new ministry at Esperanza that helps our four-legged friends and their owners: doggieprayershawls.

Logo, company nameDon’t have a dog? No problem! We have doggieprayershawls for cats, too!

Each pet-size shawl is knitted with care and meditative prayer for:

  • Joy with a new dog.
  • Healing for a sick dog.
  • In memory of a dog who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

With a suggested donation of $20 you will receive:

  • Doggie or cat prayer shawl.
  • Doggie or cat card.
  • Gift bag and tissue paper.

You can keep the shawl or share it with someone in need!

Your donation goes to www.2darescue.org, and toward yarn and supplies.

Contact: Alice Schultze [email protected]

“We especially thank you for giving us our pets who are our friends and bring us so much joy in life!”

— Prayer for a pet


A cat lying on a bed

Cleo the cat, whose human is Pastor Annemarie, rests on a new shawl.

A dog lying on the ground

Moxie the dog’s human, Becky, says of her new shawl, “She loves it!”


















A dog wearing a costume

Rain, left, is the proud owner of a shawl knitted by doggieprayershawl founder Alice Schultze.