Calling all bread makers: Here’s an opportunity for you!

Are you a baker? If so, here’s an opportunity!

For years, Becky Klein made the wonderful bread we shared during the Lord’s Supper. When she stepped away for a well-earned rest, we began using wafers.

Last Sunday we had bread once more, made by a member of the congregation.

According to Pastor Annemarie, any kind of bread can be used during the meal as long as it is not made with dairy, eggs, nuts or other allergens. We need two loaves — any shape you wish: one for each service. And they do not have to be huge.

If you make bread, bring your loaves to the church kitchen by Saturday, when Jane Gisselquist and Doris Dorwart prepare the elements of communion for the following morning.

You may bake whenever it’s convenient for you. Just wrap it, label it and put it in the church freezer.

It might be a good idea to let Jane, Doris or Joni know that it’s there!