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40-40-40 Lent Challenge

During Lent 2023, the Grand Canyon Synod and Southeastern Iowa Synod are challenging one another to raise money for ELCA World Hunger. The challenge is to pledge to participate in some spiritual and physical practices during Lent and raise money. The synod with the most people participating wins. The intent is for people to select three of the four possible activities (below) and work on them during the 40 days of Lent.

1.) Daily Devotion ~ Subscribe to receive daily email devotions for Lent or use ELCA World Hunger pre-made devotions. Click Here to Learn More

2.) Daily Donation ~ Pledge to give $1 a day (or more) to ELCA World Hunger for the 40 days of Lent. Click Here for Ways to Give

3.) Daily Declutter ~ Once a day find a way to daily de-clutter, de-stress, and re-tune. It could be cleaning out the garage, cleaning your calendar, or finding some time to de-clutter a desk or drawer and donating gently used items. Click Here to Get Ideas.

4.) Daily Discipline ~ Do one wellness activity every day. Maybe it’s your daily workout, maybe is a 1-mile walk a day.  Maybe it’s taking an extra flight of stairs or an extra glass of water. Read More.

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