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You Are Generous!

A group of people in a roomYour belief that God has plans for our congregation is evident as you are declaring your generosity! So far, we have received 51 intents toward our goal of 61 (84%).
(photo left is of fellow congregants making their financial intent)
If you haven’t yet responded, please submit your 2024 giving intent in one of the following ways:
  • Fill out the online version of the card online at https://myesperanza.org/intent-card/
  • Bring your intent card to church this Sunday and drop it the basket on the altar.
  • If you misplaced your card or never received one, you may pick one up in the church office.
  • Mail or take your card to the church office.
Your generosity will make a tremendous difference as we seek to strengthen our ministry.
For more information on our 2023/2024 Stewardship Program Click Here
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A group of people standing in a room