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Want to be choir director? Or know someone who does? Here’s what it takes!

Director of Chancel Choir (Promesa de Esperanza)



Coordinate the music program of the Chancel Choir of Esperanza Lutheran Church (Promesa de Esperanza) in a manner that enhances the spirit of worship and assists the congregation in praising and serving God. Our faith community is looking for a conductor with a vision to enhance the program built by our previous director.

The ideal candidate will have:
1. Desire to assist choir members and congregation in growing in Christian discipleship through music.
2. Ability to conduct a variety of choral styles.
3. Knowledge of vocal pedagogy.
4. Ability to work with volunteers.
5. Ability to collaborate with the pastor and/or worship committee.
6. Knowledge of Lutheran choral tradition.
7. Knowledge of liturgical tradition.

Additional opportunities may be available:
1. leading contemporary worship.
2. hosting special music events outside of adult choir.

1. Coordinate the music program of the chancel choir.
a. Selects music for chancel choir appropriate to the worship themes and seasons.
b. Establish and publish twice yearly (fall and spring) a rehearsal and worship singing calendar.

2. Develop musical skills of the chancel choir through rehearsals, coaching, etc.

3. Promote growth and stability of the chancel choir.

4. Direct the chancel choir. Historically:
a. Sundays
i. Every other Sunday, on average.
ii. On Sundays where there will be two services, choir may sing at both services.
b. Weekly rehearsals on a weekday evening: Has been Wednesday nights
i. Promesa de Esperanza Cantata rehearsals have been ninety minutes long.
ii. Non-Cantata rehearsals one hour long.
iii. Cantata dress rehearsals. Two hours the Saturday before the Cantata.
c. Some church calendar festivals require choral presence
i. Sundays
1. Palm Sunday
2. Easter Day
3. Pentecost Day
4. Reformation Sunday
ii. Non-Sunday
1. Holy Week
2. Christmas Eve
3. Ash Wednesday
4. Shared Thanksgiving program with Mountain View Lutheran Church Choir

5. Lead twice-yearly chancel choir cantatas (Holy Week and Advent):
a. Select composed cantata, or create self-constructed cantata consisting of seven or
eight octavos, in collaboration with the Pastor.
b. Responsible for planning, organizing, and promoting the cantatas.
c. Coordinates instrumentalists for cantatas and/or other special music as needed.

6. Coordinate and cooperate with the Pastor and office staff.

7. Maintain content of choir page for website.

8. Develop an annual budget for the chancel choir and administer the budget when approved.

9. Maintain music library, and other materials related to the music program of the chancel

10. Purchase music and related supplies within budget allocations.

11. Dates of service will follow the liturgical calendar, with planning and rehearsing beginning in
August and worship support running through Pentecost each year. Approximately 40 weeks
per year.


Administratively responsible to the pastor.


Based on qualifications and experience. Trial period not to exceed three
months. Hiring at $5,000 annually.

To apply, please include:
• Cover letter/email stating your interest
• Resume

Send to:

Parish Adminstrator, Joni Thorpe at [email protected]
Esperanza Lutheran Church
2601 E. Thunderhill Place Phoenix, AZ 85048
Phone: 480.759.1515
Email: [email protected]