Sunday School Kicks Off Sunday September 11th

Sunday Funday School kick off September 11th for children Pre-K through 5th grade youth.

Each Sunday we will gather in the upstairs great room to actively learn about God. We will learn about our earth and how we can care for God’s creation. Join us after worship at 10:15AM for lessons, crafts, snacks, and prayers. See you upstairs! For more information, see Deacon Connie.

Adult Education will start at 10:30am after fellowship time.

There is a “Pray-Ground” in the Esperanza Sanctuary!

We welcome children of all ages in worship at 9:00AM. Children are an integral part of the body of Christ, and we welcome them to worship with all the sounds and movements that they bring with them. Esperanza’s Pray-Ground is a wonderful option for families to experience worship together. Located in the northeast corner of the sanctuary is an area designed for young children to quietly engage in age -appropriate activities. During the service families can sit close by conveniently. Please join us at our “PRAY-GROUND” on Sundays.