Results from Congregational Meeting: New Council Members and Call Committee Elected

For the first time in its history Esperanza conducted its annual meeting online on May 17, electing new council members, approving the Ministry Site Profile and seating a call committee.

Our annual meeting is conducted in two parts, beginning with a January session to approve a spending plan for the year, then reconvening in May to discuss programs, elect officers and conduct other non-financial business. Council President Michelle Tinsley reviewed highlights of the year, including our financial status. She said we are doing ok now, but it’s crucial to keep up our giving.

We thanked Rachael Hanania and Jessica Meuller, who were stepping down from their seats on council. We elected Craig Peck and Michael Paradise to take their seats.

We approved the Ministry Site Profile, a document designed to acquaint candidates for pastor with our community, our history, our current circumstances and our goals for the future. We also elected the call committee, which will conduct the search for our new pastor. Members include Brian Cantoni, Jim Gisselquist, Beth Leaf, Jim Nelson, Paige Somero, Ron Tuszynski, Tom Vega and Tyler Willis.

We also voted to distribute seminary scholarship funds from our endowment in the amount of $6,491.83 to Julie Gerrish. Julie grew up at Esperanza and is preparing for the ministry at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary.

Last, we congratulated this spring’s graduates, including:

  • Jennie Schutt, Northern Arizona University
  • Brooke Comune, Desert Vista High School
  • Zach Fielding, Desert Vista High School
  • Caleb Somero, Mountain Point High School
  • Zac Chapman, Altadena Middle School
  • Brooklyn Hanania, Altadena Middle School
  • Ryan Mueller, Altadena Middle School
  • Tatum Willis, Altadena Middle School