Read: Ministry Site Profile

At the May 17 Annual Meeting, the congregation will be asked to endorse the Ministry Site Profile.

This document, written by the Ministry Site Profile Team, will be forwarded to the synod for use by Bishop Deborah Hutterer and her staff to begin to identify candidates to be Esperanza’s next pastor. The Ministry Site Profile Profile team wrote the report based on a careful evaluation of the comments, insights, hopes, and dreams shared by the congregation through discernment conversations and completed surveys.

Not every thought or issue raised could be included in the Site Profile, but this is just one piece of the process. The Call Committee will have ample opportunity for extensive and thorough conversations with every candidate. Everyone involved is aware that the priority is finding the right person to both lead and walk alongside the people of Esperanza in the next season of our mission and ministry.

It’s not practical for the congregation to try to amend the Site Profile at the May 17 online meeting, so, if you spot something you consider to be a significant flaw or gap in the profile, it’s very important that you contact Rachael Hanania with your concern as soon as possible. She’ll talk over your concern with you and convey any necessary changes to the Site Profile Team for consideration. Reach out to Rachael by email (not phone, please) at [email protected]. Be sure to include your phone number.

A huge thank-you to the Ministry Site Profile Team for their work and to everyone who took the time to participate in a discernment conversation and/or complete the survey. Because of the effort of all involved, we are confident that this document gives an accurate picture of where we are as a congregation and where we hope to go.

Please be sure to thank the Ministry Site Profile Team members personally. They are Steven Thorpe (chair), Kristin Baldwin, Lauren Cantoni, John Gemma and Mike Willis.