Mission Plan Results Through August – General Fund


July 2023 YTD Revenue Expense Net Income/(Loss)
Actual $219,979 $197,668 $22,311
Plan $212,020 $195,454 $16,566

Note: Not included above is a $13,235 non-cash asset write-off of original playground equipment removed in June 2023.

Through August, pledge giving is a little ahead of our plan, driven by families who have paid ahead on their commitment. This favorability is likely to decline over the balance of the year. Non-pledge giving is a little behind our plan. Rental donation receipts are higher than expected due to increased facility use by outside groups.

Expenses are running higher than our plan, driven by two areas. First, property expense is $3,500 worse than expected due to higher costs for utilities, maintenance, and repair and cleaning services. Second, staff costs are $4,000 higher than expected, due to increased activity. Offsetting this are lower-than-planned expense for Pastor’s auto and continuing-education allowance ($2,000), call-related expense ($1,000) and a decision to hold on extra mortgage principal payments for now ($2,000).

On balance, Revenue less Expense is somewhat more favorable than we had planned at this time, but this favorability is expected to decline. We intend to offset higher-than-expected expenses with lower-than-planned payments for call-related expense, extra principal payments, and lower auto and continuing-ed allowances.