You are a Piece of the Puzzle

Pledging your support of the ministries we do together as Esperanza Lutheran Church is vitally important.  With your financial gift, you respond to God’s invitation to be part of God’s church, experiencing the joy of generously supporting and extending its mission.

10x10x10 Pledge Puzzle!  For every pledge made, a piece of the puzzle will be added to a puzzle board inside of the Esperanza Narthex.  The First 10 Households Pledging Online by October 10th will receive their own 10×14″ 60-piece Jigsaw Puzzle of our church!   

Dear People of Hope,

Two years ago as the world was shutting down, there were serious concerns about what effect that would have on the church. But take a look where we are now. Many feared a scarcity world would take over, but that is not what happened. God has been abundantly present.

It is in times of difficulty that the world sees the importance of the church and our message of grace more clearly. God is up to something here and it’s exciting to be part of it!

First, let me say thank you for the ways in which you stepped up, looking for opportunities to share the Gospel when our community so clearly needed that message of grace and generosity. You demonstrated significant generosity to make certain that our ministry remained strong. Together we decided to help feed people, providing food as well as the knowledge that we care.

Now, let me encourage you that I believe God has shown us through this crisis our need to walk together, continue to innovate, and step up the ways in which we share God’s love to a world that still so desperately needs to recognize God’s presence.

We are looking forward. We are intentionally starting a visioning process this fall. God is calling us to great new adventures! With your generosity we will accomplish so much.  As we enter our stewardship drive this year, let’s think about all the ways that we see generosity and abundance.

Christ’s peace and joy to you,

Your Stewardship Team

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Stewardship Insert Dear People of Hope