Hope in the Heart of Esperanza

A new garden sprouted on the patio at Esperanza this week! The garden marks the kickoff of our fall stewardship program, called Hope Grows Here. Come to a happy hour in the Garden of Eatin’ next Sunday!

When you arrive on campus this weekend you will see a new garden growing in the middle of our patio. As Pastor Annemarie expressed in her message this week, “everything comes together” on the patio: after services, during preschool and throughout the week. That space buzzes with activity, and in the peaceful shade under the trees, we feel hopeful.

So, Jayne Peterson, Craig Peck and Pam Yount from the Garden of Eatin’ arrived early Thursday morning and under one of the trees created a garden of pots. The variety of plants and containers represents our community: a congregation of unique personalities yet every one of us a child of God, living and growing in God’s love.

That’s why this year the theme of our stewardship program is Hope Grows Here! In the next couple months, you will be hearing more about how hope grows–through personal accounts, videos and more–and how you can get involved.

To start we are throwing a party! Next Sunday the Stewardship and Fellowship Teams are hosting a Happy Hour in the Garden of Eatin’ starting at 5 p.m. Bring a chair, a refreshing beverage and an appetizer to share. Invite a friend, or call up someone who hasn’t been around lately. Let’s catch up with each other and celebrate the beauty of the garden surrounding us and the love that ties us together.

Save the date — Hope Grows Here Happy Hour
Date: Sunday, September 26, 2021
Time: 5 p.m.
Place: Garden of Eatin’
Bring: A chair, a beverage and a nibble
Sign up: Hope Grows Here Happy Hour