Hope Grows Here

Growing the Roots and Branches of Hope

I’ve heard more than one person describe the year 2020 as a “dumpster fire.” We have endured the pandemic and the divisive reactions to it and struggled to face our original sin of racism in the fabric of our society. We have been rocked by grief and myriad physical, financial, mental, emotional and spiritual losses.

Back in January I looked forward in hope for 2021, that it would see us working together to build a new day. Part of that hope was knowing that I would soon join you as your pastor. Seeing how you continued to be the church through the pandemic by worshiping online gave me hope. I saw how you recognized the needs among healthcare workers and in the Navajo Nation and met those needs and so many others with your God-given time, effort, and resources. Seeing the outcome of your hope gave me hope. And I noticed, tucked in amidst all of that faithful dedication and service, your simple sentence from 2020: “Hope Starts Here.”

That was the theme of Esperanza’s 2020 stewardship program. During a “dumpster fire” of a year, you faithfully proclaimed your confidence that Christian hope is alive and well, that the Holy Spirit was beginning a good work in you, planting a seed that would sprout and grow.

And now for this year’s annual stewardship program we’re nurturing that seed-start, ensuring that it will continue growing from a hopeful sprout into a healthy community that will bear much fruit. Hope Grows Here!

Christian hope is not wishful thinking: it is the sure and certain knowledge that Christ is alive and in Christ we have abundant life. Christian hope vitalizes the bedrock of God’s love and the faith God plants in us (see 1 Corinthians 13:13). It mobilizes faith and love to make a difference in the world. Hope Grows Here at Esperanza, its roots growing deep and wide, its branches reaching out far and wide into the world.

Between now and Pledge Sunday, November 21, you’ll be hearing the voices of the people of the Esperanza community speaking from their hearts about how they participate in Esperanza’s mission and ministry, making a difference in the world through their time, talent, and treasures. And throughout, starting this Sunday, you’ll see a Garden of Hope thriving in the Heart of Esperanza — our courtyard where everything comes together.

We encourage you to join in, pursuing your journey of generosity giving your time, talent, and treasures as Hope Grows Here!

God’s peace and grace,

Pastor Annemarie