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Esperanza tackles hunger!

Among the most pressing problems in our community this year is hunger, and Esperanza has a plan to combat it!

Esperanza Hunger Ministry Plan for 2022

More research is needed to obtain details, requirements and constraints. Specific activities have been identified by quarter. Specific dates and times will be identified later. The Hunger Ministry Plan was approved by Church Council on February 15, 2022.

First quarter

  1. Provide a sermon at both services (on one Sunday) on hunger by Ms. Solveig Muus, Director of Lutheran Advocacy Ministry Arizona. The focus would be hunger at the state and Synod level, the bigger picture. Muus would be asked to participate in the study between services.  Tentatively scheduled for March 20, with March 13 as a backup.
  2. Provide a brief presentation (10 minutes) at both services (on a Sunday) by Irma Horton, manager of the Kyrene Family Resource Center. Presentation will focus on food needs in the Kyrene School District area. Ms. Horton would be asked to participate in the study between services. Tentatively scheduled for April 3, with March 27 as a backup.

Second quarter

  1. Assemble a team of adults and teens to prepare and serve pancakes at Grace Lutheran Church (located downtown Phoenix) for the homeless. Time commitment would be one Sunday from approximately 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Would need to purchase supplies for pancakes, sausage, etc., which is approximately $350. Grace Lutheran has conducted the pancake breakfast every Sunday for approximately the past 20 years. Other congregations cover some of the Sundays. Click here for Grace Lutheran and this ministry.. Tentatively scheduled for May 1 or 8.
  2. Weave hunger discussion into Vacation Bible School. VBS is tentatively scheduled for late May/early June.
  3. Conduct community learning event. Tentatively scheduled for May.

Third quarter

  1. Participate for one week (maybe less) in Grace Lutheran’s summer-heat respite ministry. Pack sack lunches, water, etc. for the homeless. Would need to purchase supplies for sack lunches (bread, meat, cheese, fruit, etc.) with our own funds. Would make the sack lunches in Esperanza kitchen each morning, and deliver to Grace Lutheran. Involve our youth. Tentatively scheduled for late June/mid-July.
  2. Make and deliver an evening meal (for approximately 25 people) to families being assisted by Family Promise, which helps families experiencing homelessness and aids low-income families in achieving sustainable independence. In Ahwatukee, St. Benedict’s Catholic Church hosts the families in its St. John Bosco Catholic School for a few days. Mountain View Lutheran participates in Family Promise. Peggy and Larry Hanson will contact Mountain View Lutheran to discuss potential involvement. Esperanza has participated in this ministry for several years.
  3. Conduct faith study with focus on hunger, possibly an interfaith event. Also use event to promote Crop Walk. Tentatively scheduled for September.

Fourth quarter

  1. Organize and conduct an “Ahwatukee Foothills Interfaith” Crop Walk to support the global mission of Church World Service, Twenty-five percent of the funds raised would be returned to the host community to support local hunger-fighting efforts. Event would be scheduled for late October/early November. Consider reaching out to Mountain View Lutheran (and other churches) to co-host
  2. Promote congregation participation in ELCA Good Gifts ministry during December. These financial gifts are used in 88 countries and help recipients be more sustainable. Members would have an opportunity to make a donation toward purchase of chicks, piglets, goats, cows, garden seeds, etc. We could pursue requesting that several members team to purchase a cow or goat. Click for resources.

Ministries that would continue throughout the year

  1. Donations of non-perishable food (and school supplies) to the Kyrene Family Resource Center.

Address questions or comments to Larry or Peggy Hanson.