Do You Have One Hour Per Week To Help Us Help Us Keep Our Website Current?

Where do you go to find a business or to check a fact or read the news? To the internet. An up-to-date website is essential to all kinds of organizations — including churches! New residents search the web looking for a faith family. People in pain look for the comfort of church. Our own members go to the website to check dates and times and to find inspiration.

But when our website looks outdated the message is that we are not a vibrant community.

A year ago our site was redesigned top to bottom. The new site is easy to maintain, but we need help! We are looking for someone to give about an hour a week to post new content. The articles and notices will be provided: no need to do any writing. We will also supply images. W will train you and you will have expert backup — no one will ask you to do this work while you are on vacation.

We think you will find that making updates is interesting and gratifying work. If you enjoy working on your computer and would like to help with updates, please contact Michael Paradise or Liz Farquhar.