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COVID-19 and the Future of Esperanza Lutheran Church

We’re hearing from all sides that we will not be going back to an unchanged world after the immediate threat of the novel coronavirus passes. A lot of things will be different. It will take a while for people to get comfortable with physical contact—even the casual proximity we took for granted in the past. We’ll be on edge when we hear about any new strain of pathogen, anywhere in the world. Stores and restaurants are hard hit by this pause in business activity, and some undoubtedly won’t reopen. And, for many of us, our financial situation won’t return to what it was before—at least not quickly.

The landscape will be different in ways we can, and in ways we cannot, predict.

Individuals can alter some of the damage from this outbreak—by ordering more take-out from a favorite restaurant, for example. But the changes that may happen on a macro level are beyond our reach.

Still, one place where you can have a real impact is your church: Esperanza Lutheran Church. Your financial contributions are vital if Esperanza is going to come through this critical time looking fundamentally as it did going in.

For some of us, making a difference means keeping up with a pledge we’ve already made. For those of us who haven’t pledged, it could mean committing to giving regularly and generously starting now. Some of us may even find we’re in a position to give above and beyond for these few months—perhaps, as a couple of people have mentioned, by diverting  money saved on restaurant meals not eaten, or classes not taken or entertainment that’s temporarily unavailable.

This time is a challenging time, a time for each of us to shine with renewed intentionality and cheerful generosity. Now is the time for each of us to recommit to supporting Esperanza with our gifts of treasure, gifts that will help ensure the future of our church.

As soon as we get the “all clear” we want to be able to open our doors and return to joyful weekly worship, meaningful learning, impactful service efforts, and enriching fellowship. And, importantly, we want to be in a position to call a new pastor who will help to carry our life and spirit into the next season of Esperanza’s ministry.

So, even though we cannot gather together in our sanctuary, we can still make our offering to our church. Here’s how:

  1. First consider writing your check and mailing it to the church each week. Our mail is still being picked up and your check will be deposited that same week.
  1. Second, consider using your online banking to send your check. If you set up a monthly bill payment your gift will be sent automatically.
  1. Third, utilize Vanco, a faith-based payment system, which automatically withdraws your gift from your bank account and transfers it to Esperanza. Print the authorization form, fill it out and return it to Joni in the church office with a blank, voided check attached.

If you have questions or concerns about Esperanza’s finances, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with someone on the Finance Team: John Gemma, Herb Pinske, Rocky Armfield, Robert Elsaesser, or Mark Entsminger.

If you have questions or concerns about what’s happening at Esperanza in general, please get in touch with Pastor Carol ([email protected]) or a council member. Council members are Michelle Tinsley, Rachael Hanania, Peggy Wagner, Doris Dorwart, Jessica Mueller, Liz Farquhar, Robert Elsaesser, Herb Pinske, and Paul Gerrish. If you need contact information for any of these folks, please call me at 224-422-9552 or Joni Thorpe in the office at 480-759-1515.

May God keep you safe and in good spirits. May this be a time of growth in faith for you. And may God keep our church strong and united.