Council Seeks Call Committee Candidates

The Ministry Site Profile Team is hard at work, completing the ministry site profile. Thanks to all of you who participated in the zoom calls last week. If you were not able to be on one of those calls, no worries, soon we will be providing alternatives for you to provide your feedback. We would like to now start putting the call team together so we are ready to start the process soon after we can all be together again.  

If you are interested in being part of the call committee, please read the information below and email Rachael Hanania at [email protected] by April 26, 2020, regardless of whether you have already notified another person of your interest.

The significance of serving on a call committee

Serving on a Call Committee is an opportunity to serve your church community, putting your faith in action by using your unique gifts. Many people report that serving on a Call Committee turned out to be one of the most important experiences they ever had as members of a congregation. It allowed them to witness firsthand how the Holy Spirit works through committed Christians to help the church be faithful to its calling.

How the call committee will be selected

The Call Committee is made up of six voting members plus two alternates.

  • The council will ask for nominees, but it is possible that some nominees may not be selected because the Call Committee must represent all groups that combine to form the congregation.
  • The list of nominees, approved by the counsel, will be presented to the congregation for a vote.

Who should be on the call committee?

  • People of prayer. The call process is Spirit-led, and members are expected to be in prayer daily throughout the entire process.
  • Willing to commit. The process can take a year or longer and members must be able to attend every interview.
  • Faithful. Call Committee members need to be people who are spiritually discerning, good listeners, and willing to trust a process.
  • Discreet. Members must be able to maintain appropriate confidentiality.

Who cannot be on the call committee?

  • No ordained ministers (active or retired)
  • No staff members or family members of staff members
  • No family members of church council members
  • No two people related to one another can serve together

After the Call Committee is selected, the Bishop will meet the Call Committee to provide information on the call process.