Confirmation Day

There are times when a congregation’s ministry is obvious e.g. Easter sunrise service, hauling food to the food shelf, etc. Most times though, relationships are formed, events happen, and profound ministry takes place quietly and behind the public eye.
Lutheran congregations have a rich heritage of supporting Confirmation Ministry with youth when many of the values and morals are taking shape. In the late eighties Ryan was one of the students in my class and it was our 3rd year together. In those three years together we studied the Lutheran confessions and talked a lot about what they mean in our real lives. Ryan started to become quiet and his anger and sadness started to show. We trusted each other enough that we could meet privately and together we peeled back the shell of a verbally abusive home life.
Together we were able to talk to his dad and after many conversations, his dad sought help for both his emotional and physical problems. This is some of what can happen in Confirmation Ministry. It’s hands on relationship building when young people need it the most. Ryan’s faith in God helped him through the trauma.
Confirmation Ministry is just one of the many ministries that our financial offerings support. Thank You!
Pastor Paul

Brooklyn Rae Hanania

Tatum Sarah Willis

Zachary Robert Mueller

Ryan Thomas Mueller