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Church clean-up: We arrived, we cleaned, we conquered

Thank you to the 12 volunteers listed below who came to Esperanza bright and early on Saturday morning to clean up the campus.

We had a productive morning of tree and shrub trimming, raking up pods from mesquite trees, cleaning under bushes and brooming up many of the dead pods and leaves around campus, including the large parking lot.

We enjoyed fellowship with each other and enjoyed lemonade, bagels, doughnuts and fruit.

Each week on Saturday or Sunday (prior to service), we need a small group to make sure the courtyard is broomed, groomed and ready for Sunday service. Click here to sign up.

And during the summer months, we need a crew from time to time to keep the parking lot clean. Our next large group clean-up will likely be in early August when people are back from trips and vacations.

Please take a few minutes each week to look at the campus, identify a few tasks and feel free to jump in like you do at your own home. This is your church home and we need your help.

There are brooms, rakes and garbage cans just outside of the Fellowship Hall near Lou’s little corner.  If you need further guidance on finding tools call Denzil at 480-390-3406 and if you can’t reach Denzil you can text Michael Paradise at 703-595-8885.

June 11 clean-up volunteers

Doris & Dick Dorwart
John Fisher
John Gemma
Jim Gisslequist
Debbie Grayson
Larry Hanson
Denzil Klein
Michael Paradise
Julie & Rafael Valenzuela
Randy Wright

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