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3 new Church Council members elected

Kelly Edwards, Paige Somero and Julie Valenzuela were elected to the Church Council at the congregational meeting in May.

After the meeting, the Council selected officers for the coming year:

  • President:  Jim Gisselquist.
  • Vice President:  Chuck Yount.
  • Treasurer:  Michael Paradise.
  • Secretary:  Susan Brown.

The point person for each task/function for the Council also were determined:

  • Stewardship:  Chuck Yount.
  • Properties:  Craig Peck.
  • Fellowship:  Julie Valenzuela.
  • Education:  Kelly Edwards.
  • Evangelism/Outreach/Social Ministry:  Beth Leaf.
  • Worship and Music:  Paige Somero.
  • Communication:  Susan Brown.
  • Finance:  Michael Paradise.
  • Personnel:  Jim Gisselquist.

Throughout the year, we will all be working to clarify these responsibilities, but we felt that having each of us take on a unique task/function would help the Council and congregation identify a “go-to” person for activities, programs and efforts.

Our hope is that all of the congregation will do what it can to support these individuals.

Esperanza is fortunate to have such dedicated, positive and committed people. Please do what you can to thank them, support them and help them in their efforts to continue to make Esperanza a wonderful, gracious, open, helpful and loving community.