Sunday School

Sunday Funday School

Esperanza’s Funday Sunday School is now online. Lessons are designed for family members to share. Here is where you will find materials to help your children grow  in faith.

Classes will resume in person when the current COVID-19 health emergency abates.

Following are weekly Sunday Funday School lessons that parents can use the read the Bible and discuss faith with their children.

For more information and help learning how to use these materials effectively, contact Deacon Connie Rose-Kamprath, Children’s Ministry Coordinator at




Bible Story: Simeon and Anna at the Temple waiting for the Messiah

January 17, 2021

God fulfills his promise to Simon that he would see the Messiah before he died. Download Epiphany No. 3 January 17, 2021



Bible Story: The Wise Men Search for a King

January 10, 2021

The Wisemen followed a Star to find God’s promise of Baby that would be the Savior of the world. The King of Kings. Download Epiphany No. 2 January 10, 2021




Bible Story: The Shepherds Hear the News of the Messiah

January 3, 2021

The angels tell the shepherds to hurry to Bethlehem to see the newborn Jesus! Download  Epiphany No 1 January 3, 2021


Bible Story: Jesus is Born in Bethlehem – Part Four

December 20, 20320

Mary and Joseph arrive in Bethlehem to find that the best they can do for a place to sleep is a stable. Download December 20, 2020



Bible Story: Mary and Elizabeth Talk About Their Babies – Part Three

December 13, 2020

Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth who is going to have a baby too. She will be John the Baptist mother. Download December 13, 2020



Bible Story: Angel Gabriel Came to Tell Mary – Part Two

December 6, 2020

God sent a message to Mary! She was chosen to be God’s mom! Download December 6, 2020 – Advent No. 2


Bible Story: Angel Gabriel Came to Tell Mary – Part One

November 29, 2020

The Angel of the Lord came down to tell Mary she will have a child and his name will be Jesus. Download November 29 – Advent No. 1


Bible Story: Four Friends – Part Three

November 20, 2020

Friends help each other! Download November 22, 2020 – Lesson Three



Bible Story: Four Friends – Part Two

November 13, 2020

The four friends in our story had to be creative to find a way to bring their friend to Jesus for healing. Download November 15, 2010 – Lesson Two



Bible Story: Four Friends – Part One

November 6, 2020

Brave and good friends help their paralyzed friend. Download November 6, 2020



Bible Story: Jesus Feeds the 5,000 – Part Four

October 30, 2020

Jesus wants us to share food and take care of everyone. Download October 30, 2020 Lesson 8



Bible Story: Jesus Feeds the 5,000 – Part Three

October 23, 2020

We continue studying the story of the feeding of the 5,000. Download October 23, 2020 – Lesson 7



Bible Story: Jesus Feeds the 5,000 – Part Two

October 18, 2020

The story about feeding the 5,000 is amazing! Download October 17, Lesson Six



Bible Story: Jesus Feeds the 5,000 – Part One

October 11, 2020

Jesus performed a miracle, feeding all 5000 people and had leftovers too! Download October 11, Lesson 5



Bible Story: Jesus Calms the Storm – Part Four

October 4, 2020

When we ask Jesus to help when we are afraid. Jesus opens his arms and calms us. Download October 4, Lesson Four



Bible Story: Jesus Calms the Storm – Part Three

September 27, 2020

The disciples were fishermen. We are going to practice our fishing in a storm, as we
master the facts of our story. Download September 27, Lesson Three



Bible Story: Jesus Calms the Storm – Part Two

September 20, 2020

Today in our story, the disciples were saved from the storm. Download September 20, Lesson Two



Bible Story: Jesus Calms the Storm – Part One

September 13, 2020

God protects us from the storms of our lives. Download September 13, Lesson One