Sunday School

Funday Sunday School

Esperanza’s Funday Sunday School is now online. Lessons are designed for family members to share. Here is where you will find materials to help your children grow  in faith.

Classes will resume in person when the current COVID-19 health emergency abates.

For more information and help learning how to use these materials effectively, contact Deacon Connie Rose-Kamprath, Children’s Ministry Coordinator at

Bible Story: Jesus Calms the Storm – Part Three

September 27, 2020

The disciples were fishermen. We are going to practice our fishing in a storm, as we
master the facts of our story. Download September 27, Lesson Three



Bible Story: Jesus Calms the Storm – Part Two

September 20, 2020

Today in our story, the disciples were saved from the storm. Download September 20, Lesson Two



Bible Story: Jesus Calms the Storm – Part One

September 13, 2020

God protects us from the storms of our lives. Download September 13, Lesson One